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Deficient’s exciting first week of life!

The first week of Deficient’s existence was exciting on so many fronts!

It all kicked off with a launch on September 12th. A lot of preparation went into this event, but I was still concerned that something might go wrong. What if the power went out and I left everyone hanging? What if I came down with COVID at the worst possible moment? What if I froze up, unable to communicate my messages to the audience?

It turned out I had nothing to worry about, and I was in very good hands with a loving audience and host. C.S. Farrelly, who authored The Shepherd’s Calculus, did a fantastic job of guiding us through the session and keeping us on time. She asked excellent questions about the world Alejandro inhabits and the pitfalls that come with it, the source of inspiration for the book’s mystery, and what the book conveys about ableism in our society, among others.

I read two passages from the book and then fielded questions from a group of people from at least seven different countries. It was a wonderful representation of family, friends, and strangers I have yet to meet.

Since most of those in attendance hadn’t yet read the book, I was afraid no one would be willing to kick-off the audience Q&A. Thankfully, a spell of awkward silence was successfully averted, as there was no shortage of hands being raised and questions being asked. It started with one of my beta readers asking about why Deficient was the first of my books to come into the world, and it ended with my nine-year-old nephew summoning up the courage to ask what other books I was reading.

I’ve felt incredibly supported since Deficient‘s release, with friends and family posting images of the book on social media and some sharing ideas for school discussions, book signings, and podcasts. It was invigorating to see that same energy among the people who attended the launch in the spirit of celebration. Fortunately, contingency plans for what to do with Zoom bombers or book-banners did not have to go into effect.

Another win from the week was when the book trailer launched. The trailer is ridiculously awesome! I owe that to the video’s creator, Hussein Kurji, a Kenyan friend and filmmaker who helped me out with this on very short notice, and Erik Ly, the talented artist who created the character art for Deficient. (If you missed my blog on the character art, have a look here).

A third cool thing to happen was receiving a very positive review in Queer Sci Fi and Liminal Fiction! This means a lot. Deficient is all about acceptance and imagines a future where discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, race, and ethnicity no longer troubles us as a populace. However, discrimination and stigma play out in nefarious ways when it comes to accelerated ability status.

Maryann, the reviewer, wrote:

Deficient spins a fascinating dystopian tale with a touch of darkness, set against the backdrop of Achewon’s hierarchical system, and delves into how this hierarchy affects the students there. At its heart, it’s about what young people have to go through just trying to fit in: coming out, homophobia, abuse, being misunderstood, bullying, and dealing with adults in the struggle to just be themselves.

Thank you for these words, Maryann! 😀

And to top the week off, Deficient even clinched a #1 spot on Amazon’s New Releases for Teen & YA Superhero Fiction list! Wahoo!

I realize that most weeks may not look or feel like this one, and that’s okay. It was special, because so many of you made it special. For a story to come to life in a world inundated with content, it requires energy and enthusiasm from those who are willing to give it a chance. I extend all the gratitude I can to those who have shown Deficient some love and for helping find ways to spread the word. Let’s keep it going!

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    So happy for you Michael!

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