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You’re invited…to the book launch!

We’re nearly there, friends! Deficient is two weeks away from its release. Oh my gawd…it’s happening!

This blog is a short and sweet one. It’s an invitation to you, dear reader, to attend the launch event on September 12th at 7pm EST. Everyone is welcome, and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve read the book or if you’re completely new to young adult science-fiction.

You’ll need to register in advance, but the process is easy! All you have to do is click here: After filling in your details, you’ll receive a link to attend the launch. If you don’t have the Zoom app, you should be able to join on your browser.

If you’d like to share launch details with others, you can direct them to the events page of my website.

The launch will be emceed by the one and only C.S. Farrelly. She’s the author of a must-read political thriller called The Shepherd’s Calculus, which takes on the topics of politics, power, and sexual abuse scandals within the Catholic Church. In addition to being an extraordinary creative, C.S. Farrelly has one of the most beautiful and witty minds I know. She’s a natural entertainer, and I keep telling her that she should be a full-time podcaster.

C.S. Farrelly will kick us off with a Q&A about the book. I’ll do my best to field her questions, after which I’ll read a couple of passages. One of my homework assignments is to select said passages. I have a few in mind. Though supernatural abilities are a key part of the story, Deficient is about much more than the superpowers, so I’ll try to find something that reflects some of the book’s soul.

The second part of the launch will be a Q&A with the audience. I know these can sometimes feel awkward and intimidating, but please don’t worry. This is a safe, inclusive, and judgment-free space, and I know that the majority of people will not have gotten the chance to read the book yet. That means all questions are fair game! I’ll avoid giving any spoilers with my answers, but I’ll share what I can. If you don’t feel comfortable coming off mute and speaking, you can always type your questions into the Zoom chat. Anything I don’t get to in the hour, I promise to respond to after the launch. (My website also has a contact feature in case something comes to mind after the event).

While Deficient can be enjoyed by people of all ages, if anyone reading this blog is actually a young adult, I hope you’ll be at the launch too, since I wrote this book with you in mind! If you aren’t a young adult but have one or more of them in your life, please feel free to share this blog post with them. I’d love to hear what they think about the book if they end up reading it.

I know what some of you may be thinking. “Michael, you don’t live in the EST time zone anymore. I’ll be asleep when you’re launching your book. Do you really expect me to choose you over my precious Z’s?”

The short answer? Yes! I do in fact expect that you’ll choose me over your temporary state of unconsciousness, thank you very much!

Just kidding, of course. I’ll be moving back to the US for a few months to focus on Deficient and my writing, so that’s why I’ll be operating in EST instead of East African Time (EAT). I know the virtual launch won’t suit everyone’s schedules and time zones. Some of you work late night shifts or have babies to tend to. But if you can be there or make this a family affair, mi casa es su casa. For those who can’t make it work this time around, I’m aiming to record the launch and post it on my website. I’m also planning a few in-person events that I’ll be posting on my website. If you’d like me to do something near you, just shout.

So there we have it! I can’t wait to share Deficient with you and hope you’ll join me as we kick this book journey off in style! 😀

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