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Visiting NJ Bookstores and Libraries

The book adventure continues — thanks for joining along for the ride!

I’m running behind on this week’s blog. I was hoping to write something on Sunday, but Uncle duties called and kiddos took over! But that’s okay as it has been a very full-on week already.

I continue to spread the word about Deficient, and I have a few exciting events in pipeline. In prepping for these, I’ve been able to visit some fantastic independent bookstores in New Jersey.

One is Sparta Books (@spartabooks on Instagram), which is selling copies of Deficient. I recently visited them to restock their shelves, since they sold out of books. I love that my high school English teacher, Barbara Hays, bought the last one!

Sparta Books is a beautiful space with passionate, book-loving staff and a peaceful vibe that calms the mind. I’ll be having a book signing there on Sunday, October 22nd from 1 to 3pm. If you are in the area, please come on by. It will be great to see you.

I also had the pleasure of traveling to Spring Lake on the Jersey Shore to check out Thunder Road Books (@thunderroadbooks on Instagram).

Channeling my inner Belle at Thunder Road Books!
Kate, the owner, was generous and hospitable on a busy day, and she is extremely supportive of local authors. (You can read more about Kate here). She wasted no time in setting up Deficient at the front of the store.
Deficient on display at Thunder Road Books in Spring Lake, NJ.
Getting to see Deficient on display at a bookstore, let alone front and center like this, is something that still boggles my mind. I’m not sure if I will ever get used to it. That said, I think Deficient has a sexy cover and holds its own in purple!

I am looking forward to doing a book event and signing at Thunder Road Books on December 2nd. More information to come on that soon. If you plan on swinging by, I can recommend a great place for the best coffee in town (Driftwood, next door to Thunder Road Books). The bookstore is also in walking distance of the beach and boardwalk in case you’d like some very brisk winter air that time of year.

Finally, last week I shared Deficient at La Fiesta celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at the Roxbury Public Library (@roxlibrary on IG) in my hometown. It was surreal to visit the library after more than twenty years, and it has changed for the better. There is a vibrancy to it now and a sense of community, connectedness, and curiosity. Congratulations to Radwa and the team for all you have done to make the library such a special place.

La Fiesta was a great success, and the turnout was tremendous. A big thank you to Edna Cervantes for organizing the delicious food, live music, and energizing Zumba.

I was thrilled to share Deficient with so many people from my hometown. It was a privilege getting to engage with a teen audience, many of whom were intrigued by the story and characters.
“My mom told me I have to leave the library with a book,” one boy told me.
“And this is one I actually want to read!”
Hopefully he enjoys Deficient and keeps finding more books he likes to read!
I’ll leave it at that for now since writing calls. But thanks again for reading these updates, and I hope you to see you at one of the upcoming events!
Loving the Mariachi band at La Fiesta!
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